I don’t see how I could be as perfect for you as you are to me

I’m just a poor girl trying to make up for it with love

I’m everything I need, but for some, that’s not enough

Maybe not everybody is as harsh as me

Maybe not everybody’s looking for fantasy

But that’s me…


Now that I’m starting to get comfortable

I’m uneasy

It wasn’t risky til it was heavy

I just found my strength

I can’t be derailed again

I almost died


Now that you seem truly interested

I’m vulnerable

It was easy til it felt real

I’m examining myself

To see what you see

I cannot hide


You’re way too perfect and I know I’m not

But that’s just me alone with my thoughts

I don’t want to appear to just go through motions

I do what I mean and hope for no assumptions


You’ve stepped on many stones

I won’t be just another

We’ve only just crossed paths

I fear you won’t find my wonder


But I just had an epiphany

I saw us in the media

I read our Wikipedia

Meeting you was the greatest thing

That’s all we needed, we did it

But we still gotta get it

The fight hasn’t started, the players just entered the ring

Give me a reason to swing, then we’re under each other’s wings

You’re stuck on my mind

I’m so happy I get to see you tonight

As soon as you put those glasses on

I knew I wanted you for a long time

I love the calm way you sleep

I love feeling your body heat

He wakes up for a moment as I kiss him on the cheek

He pulls me close as close can get, and I feel at ease

As soon as I saw the grey tinge in your hair

I felt a flush of respect, and I traced it down your neck

It even made me blush, then check myself

Tore, hold back

I’m so attracted to longevity, security, and expression

Cause that’s exactly what’ll relieve me from my depression

It’s the first week I haven’t seen you since we met

I’ve seen someone else

Once I started weighing my options, you said you missed me

I’m glad I found you, but would you work to stay?

Cause I’m moving even farther away

You said you didn’t know what you were after but it’s not just sex

You said, “you make my soul smile” then act like it’s not complex

We manifest a bed of roses and go our separate ways

I’m pushing 25, boy

Make my life, not my day

I hope you’re not so distant as the one before

I like the mood and the touch, but there has to be more

Without your dark emotions, you’ve lost me to the ocean

I’m a rogue siren

Singing to admire

I’ll kill you with kindness

Not going under but higher


Sometimes your eyes look so cross

Unimpressed, lack of rest, all care lost

Other times they’re full to the brim

Projecting and reflecting, oh green world within

I don’t mind at all being something different

Never what’s expected

I’m always something better

You got something tender

We’ll bring it out together

You and me, inevitably, are gonna face some fucking weather

I’ll take your hand as you took mine, and kiss it til surrender