It’s the first week I haven’t seen you since we met

I’ve seen someone else

Once I started weighing my options, you said you missed me

I’m glad I found you, but would you work to stay?

Cause I’m moving even farther away

You said you didn’t know what you were after but it’s not just sex

You said, “you make my soul smile” then act like it’s not complex

We manifest a bed of roses and go our separate ways

I’m pushing 25, boy

Make my life, not my day


I hope you’re not so distant as the one before

I like the mood and the touch, but there has to be more

Without your dark emotions, you’ve lost me to the ocean

I’m the rogue morena siren

Singing to admire

I’ll kill you with kindness

Not going under but higher


Sometimes your eyes look so cross

Unimpressed, lack of rest, all care lost

Other times they’re full to the brim

Projecting and reflecting, oh green world within

I don’t mind at all being something different

Never what’s expected

I’m always something better

You got something tender

We’ll bring it out together

You and me, inevitably, are gonna face some fucking weather

I’ll take your hand as you took mine, and kiss it til surrender

Hit the ground running with me

Cause I keep moving forward

I don’t have time to start from scratch

I’ve been there and lived that

It’s not pretty, I’m not going back

To get all of me, you have to know how to act

And if you don’t want it all, then find a different track

I’m tired of having the void filled for the night

It doesn’t feel right

No one can care enough or do it just how I like

I know it takes time to find that feeling again

I know it’s different with every person

I tried, I thought it was there

A few times

These people seem to just have their intentions

But what I have is love, respect, and ambitions

Do I have to do all this on my own?

If that’s how it is, well that’s how it’s gonna be

I can’t make you understand the kind of man I need

Good looks and good fucks are not enough for me

I got tired of waiting around for it to manifest

I sought it out, I pursued what I thought was best

No one loves me like I do, so fuck the rest

fervent goddess

I’m a force to be fucking reckoned with

A caliber you’ve never seen

Feeling it is a thousand times more rare

But you won’t have slight knowledge unless you’re worthy

Worthy to fight with me and accept defeat

I work like magic

It’s too precious to be wielded by anyone but a god

Predisposed for my wrath, and hysterically seeking it out

A fervent goddess

Why does all the best, pertinent knowledge fly out the window once the sadness hits?

It just goes dark.

The next day, I remember. I’m grateful and level.

But when the sadness slips in, it consumes the goodness in its path and there is only dark.

No clear thinking, no memory of the things that get me through it.

And it’s a domino effect, no question.

If it starts here, it can start anywhere.

Paranoia loves uncertainty, and I’ve never been that decisive.

I feel all I can do is adapt, put forth effort, and hope for something positive.